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        Gannaway Family Tree


        Christopher Columbus Gannaway was born on August 31, 1854 at Bradley County,
        Arkansas. Belle (Arnot) Gannaway was born on July 15, 1859 at Marshall, Texas.

        Christopher Columbus Gannaway married Belle (Arnot) Gannaway on
        November 11, 1875 at Hill County. Justice of the
        Peace P.G. Booth conducted the ceremony.

        Nine (9) children were born of their union:

        1* Anna Lee Annie (Gannaway) Moore
        born December 24, 1876, died May 11, 1951,

        2* Lula Clyde (Gannaway) Gentry
        born September 21, 1878, died January 1970,

        3* Eula Belle Gannaway, dates unknown

        4* Martha Hallie (Gannaway) Turner
        born November 23, 1881, died March 20, 1936,

        5* Mary Pearl (Gannaway) Black
        born January 16, 1884, died May 4, 1974,

        6* Audrey Christopher Gannaway, dates unknown

        7* Guy Quenton Gannaway
        born August 23, 1890, died December 31, 1972,

        8* Olga Eudell (Gannaway) Gardner
        born April 2, 1892, died August, 7, 1985.

        9* Mildred Ursula (Gannaway) Turner

        All of the Gannaway children except Olga Eudell were
        born at Hill County, Texas.
        Olga Eudell (Gannaway) Gardner was born
        at Wingate, Runnels County, Texas.

        1. Anna Lee G. (Gannaway) Moore married William Wilkins Moore
        on December 3, 1902 at Wingate, Runnels County, Texas.
        Anna died and was buried on May 11, 1951
        at Rosehill Cemetery, Whittier, California.

        2. Lula Clyde (Gannaway) Gentry married James Edward Gentry
        on August 19, 1900 at Wingate, Runnels County, Texas.

        4. Martha Hallie (Gannaway) Turner married Walter Hill Turner
        on March 22, 1901 at Wingate, Runnels County, Texas.
        Walter Hill Turner was a Texas Ranger.

        The Texas Rangers originated in the 1820s as a volunteer corps to
        prevent Indian attacks and later became lawmen; their exploits were
        legendary. In 1835, the year before the Republic of Texas was born,
        the rangers became an official, full-time corps that was paid to
        defend the frontier.

        9. Mildred Ursula (Gannaway) Turner married Joe Turner at Wingate,
        Runnels County, Texas. Joe Turner was a Texas Ranger raised
        in Hill County, Texas.

        Under John Coffee Jack Hays, they fought in federal service
        during the Mexican War, winning national attention for their skill
        and bravery. With the gradual end of the Indian wars, the Rangers
        were reorganized in 1874, and became a statewide Texas law-enforcement
        agency responsible for suppressing feuds and riots, controlling cattle
        thefts, and capturing train robbers.

        When the United States annexed Texas in 1845 and protection of the
        frontier became a federal responsibility, the rangers then reverted to a
        volunteer, militia-type organization.

        5. Mary Pearl (Gannaway) Black married Emery Black on July 5, 1908 at
        Wingate, Runnels County, Texas. Their descendants are discussed at
        length in Chapter 13.

        7. Guy Quenton Gannaway married Bertha (Bartee) Gannaway on December 10,
        1911 at Wingate, Runnels County, Texas.

        8. Olga Eudell (Gannaway) Gardner married Thomas James Gardner on July 8,
        1916 at Wingate, Runnels County, Texas. At the time of her death in
        1985, Olga Eudell (Gannaway) Gardner had amassed a fortune worth over
        $1,000,000; primarily by stock, bond, and securities investment.

        Belle (Arnot) Gannaway attended a log schoolhouse with dirt floors,
        seats that pinched when sat down, and a chimney made of mud and sticks.
        She rode to school on horseback behind her brothers and later wrote that
        she didn’t remember a day she didn’t fall off the horse, as her brothers
        would usually ride at a gallop rather than at an easy pace.

        At the age of fifteen, Belle attended Add-Ran College, now Texas
        Christian College (TCU), at Thorpe Springs, Hood County, Texas.

        Belle (Arnot) Gannaway’s writings include descriptions of the Indians
        she had witnessed: herds of buffalo; Indians she had seen; the
        Confederate soldiers’ return from the Civil War; large flocks of turkeys
        and herds of deer; and long trains of oxen-driven settler wagons with
        the grease buckets hanging from the coupling poles.
        She was a member of the Eastern Star.

        Christopher Columbus & Belle purchased their own land on November 23,
        1891 at Wingate, Runnels County, Texas where they farmed
        and raised their family.

        Christopher Columbus Gannaway died on August 15, 1924 at Ballinger,
        Texas. Belle(Arnot)Gannaway died on August 1, 1941 at Ballinger,
        Texas. They were both buried at Wingate, Runnels County, Texas.