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Townships of Durham County Books

The Brief Histories of the Townships of the former Durham
County take a look at each township, from the time of the
first settler, through the township’s development during the
19th century. Various events in Ontario’s history are cited
and their effects on the township and on individuals and
families is explored. Each book follows much the same
pattern, with similar contents as follows:

In the Beginning
From Bush to Township
Military Affairs
Hotels, Inns and Taverns
Roads and Travel
Each community in the township individually.

Information for the books comes from many sources
including Census Returns, old directories and atlases,
collections (including personal papers) held at various
archives, other history books about the township or
the province and country at large, and from the stories
of our senior citizens who were told about the people
their parents and grandparents knew in a time long ago.
Each book has a bibliography which I hope you will be
able to use for further reading.

The Durham County Companion is an expanded index,
in that it not only houses an index of the six township
histories, it contains many other lists that will be of
great interest to genealogists. In its pages you will also
find updates and corrections for the six township histories.

The townships of Durham County include:
Darlington, Clarke, Hope, Cartwright, Manvers and Cavan.
Each individual book retails at $18.95 - the Darlington book
is now sold out, however, it is available in complete sets
of all seven volumes for $100.00, a savings of $32.65
when purchased together. Supplies of sets are limited,
so order today to ensure you have a copy of each book.

Please make cheques or money orders payable to
Sher Leetooze. Send your orders to:

Sher Leetooze,
80 Roser Cres., Bowmanville, Ontario,
Canada, L1C 3N9

N.B. Add $3.50 postage for individual books and $6.50
postage for sets. These books have all been researched,
written and published without grants or subsidies, a fact
of which I am very proud. Thanks to people like you !
the project of recording the County history, albeit only
briefly, has been a great success.
Thank you for supporting my work.


Need Genealogical research done? If your ancestors
lived in Durham County, I can help. After many years of
searching through dusty archives I have collected a
fairly substantial library of documentation. My fees are
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Contacting me is you are reading this on
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Bowmanville - A Brief History